To serve South Africa’s sporting community through providing excellent care and mentoring.


To identify, train, appoint and guide dedicated chaplains to serve the sporting community at all levels across South Africa.

Firstly, SCZA seeks to achieve a consistently high quality of sports chaplaincy across South Africa.

We plan to accomplish this vision through;

  • Professional accreditation
  • Induction training
  • Continual Professional Development
  • The establishment of a Sports Chaplains support network
  • Sports Chaplains resource library
  • Professional Sports Chaplain appointment process

Secondly SCZA seeks to develop sports chaplaincy across South Africa.

There are potentially thousands of opportunities to serve the sports community through Chaplaincy in South Africa. This involves finding a club / sporting organisation ready to embrace sports chaplaincy, and identifying the right person for the role.

SCZA seek to achieve this through;

  • Co-operation with professional sporting bodies
  • Co-operation with Christian denominations
  • Co-operation with Christian sporting agencies
  • Raising the profile of sports chaplaincy in South Africa

Our focus is NOT primarily performance, our priority is people. We do believe that the work of a chaplain can have an indirect and positive impact on performance as our support offers an holistic, person centred approach that can offer a solid foundation for performance.

Chaplains are not involved because of the kudos, not involved because we are fans, we are not even involved to bible bash – but we are involved because we have the compassion of Christ for all of those integral to the sporting industry.

The vast majority of a sports chaplains work is confidential, so you will not find on this site a detailed breakdown of our work, rather an overview. However, wherever Chaplaincy is established there is great appreciation for the value that is added to the sports community (Link to Endorsements).

We seek to expand to all clubs in all sports in South Africa and need Jesus’ guidance, your prayers and financial backing.

The primary focus of a sports chaplain is to provide excellent pastoral and spiritual care, by permission, to people of all faiths and none within the sports community. This service is available to everyone involved in a particular sports community – CEO’S, Coaches, Medical team, Support Staff, Administrators and of course the sportspeople themselves.

Chaplains have a ministry of ‘hanging around with intent’; the intention is always to build relationships of trust so that everyone in the sports community they serve feels comfortable sharing their story, especially when difficulty or challenges strike.

Chaplains offer unconditional care, a listening ear, non-judgemental interventions, and positive guidance when it is invited.

A range of services a Chaplain can typically provide include:

  • Club-wide pastoral care
  • Mentoring
  • Pastoral and spiritual care and support
  • Suicide awareness
  • Stress management support
  • Crisis management & recovery services
  • Home and hospital visitations
  • Grief, loss & bereavement care
  • Family care & support
  • Marriage & relationship preparation and care
  • Life skills support
  • Referral support

SCZA is in partnership with other sports chaplaincy organisations across the globe.

Sports Chaplaincy is well established in countries such as the United Kingdom, U.S.A., Australia, and New Zealand. We are in regular contact with Chaplaincy organisations that have decades of experience, and hundreds of chaplains serving on the ground in a wide variety of sports including soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Australian Rules, Athletics, Baseball, Motor Sport, Horse Racing and more.

Their partnership and advice has been hugely significant in establishing the movement in South Africa.

Chaplains can be of help to all sorts of people involved with sport, when crisis, need or difficulty comes. I commend the idea of sports chaplaincy.

Sir Alex Ferguson - CBE. Former Manager of Manchester United Football Club
Bruce Nadin

National Director – Sports Chaplaincy South Africa
Chaplain & Life Coach – Ajax Cape Town F.C.

Bruce is a husband, father, Church Leader, Preacher, Life Coach, Sports Pastor, and best of all a child of God by adoption.

Bruce led a growing church in the UK and was Chaplain to Leicester City Football Club before moving in 2009, with his wife and youngest daughter to the most beautiful City in the world – Cape Town, South Africa.

He has extensive experience of serving the soccer community in South Africa and was appointed Chaplain at Ajax Cape Town at the beginning of the 2014/15 season. This was the first appointment of its kind in PSL Soccer. He subsequently co-founded Sports Chaplaincy South Africa and took up the role of National Director in 2015

He is passionate about enabling sports people realise their God-given potential on and off the field, and mentoring a generation of pro-soccer players who love Jesus, have been filled with the Holy Spirit and have been equipped to be live faithfully in their sphere of influence.

In his spare time he can be found running (very slowly) around the streets and enjoying the vineyards, mountains and beaches of Cape Town. He will endlessly regale you with stories of the world’s greatest soccer team Leicester City (stop laughing at the back!), and the fact that he has been a U2 fan since 1980 and owns every album they have ever released!

Siyoli Waters

South African Women’s Number 1 Squash Player

Siyoli Waters is a professional squash player on the PSA World Tour (Top ranking 28), South Africa's top ranked female player (SA No.1), wife of 6 and 1/2 years, worship leader and coach to elite WP juniors. She is passionate about being the Head Coach of eKapa Squash, a programme introducing the game to children from previously disadvantaged areas, using squash as a vehicle for fun and enjoyment, life skills, as well as scholarship opportunities to better schools.
Most of all, she is passionate about God, embraces who He has made her to be, and seeks to glorify him in all that she does, on the public platforms, as well as in the privacy of her home.

Quentin Saunders

Gautenng Co-Ordinator, Sorts Chaplaincy South Africa
Informal Chaplaincy role at Mamelodi Sundowns F.C.

Sport has always been part of Quentin’s life. Sport then with a few other things became more important to Quentin than anything else. He tried to find his identity and joy in sport. When sport wasn’t the answer he looked to other things for this answer but without success. But It was in 2001 that his life was changed. He saw that Christ is more beautiful than anything else and this was where he found his true delight and his only true hope. He left his work in the bank to study theology and completed his bachelor’s in Theology in 2007. He then served as a youth pastor at Central Baptist Church where he worked with students and youth for over 5 years, and it is there where a deeper love and passion to serve the people in sport developed. In 2013 he entered full-time sport ministry joining Athletes in Action and has since served professional athletes within the soccer community, by providing pastoral care and mentoring. He is on the Sports chaplaincy South Africa board, and is the Gauteng regional coordinator. He is married to his high-school sweetheart Leandra, who works as a pharmacist. They have two children with different personalities, a boy named Levi, and a girl named Alne’. To teach and train them is one of his greatest joys and challenges.